Thursday, August 15, 2013


Ok ... Maybe there are places as beautiful as Devils Canyon. Yellowstone is jaw dropping.  We took the scenic route through the Chief Joseph byway so I could get my history fix and tell my stories  - nobody else listened, so it's like I was preparing for school to start.  We entered Yellowstone through the northeast gate and met our first huge her of bison in about 10 minutes.  The sights through the north part of the park are amazing, and the RV handled the curves well.  After a few traffic jams due to animals, construction, and stupid drivers, we stopped at a few points by the upper and lower falls.  I love waterfalls.  A lot.  Even in the rain.
We met a bear as we were driving toward the Tetons - s/he was about 30 feet from the RV and Caroline got some good shots (I think).  Throw in a full rainbow and the journey through Yellowstone was worth the time and effort.  The best news is we return there on Friday after some time in the Tetons.

Photos are coming ...


  1. Yellowstone is AMAZING!!! A one of a kind place that is never forgotten. We've visited in both spring and fall when the buffalo out number humans. Enjoy the beautiful picturesque Tetons. Sounds like you are on a memory making trip!

  2. Oops! Just realized you wouldn't know who this is...Aunt Evie :>